Originally from Belgium, I was born into a family of carpenters and have always had a wee angel on my shoulder encouraging me to pursue the career. However, a bigger interest in the sciences developed over time into a career in meteorology, which took me around the world – and far away from my carpentry roots. But I always held on to my interest in both nature and woodworking. After settling in Aberdeen in 2010, I started dreaming of creating my own pieces.

Since 2015, I have been building my carpentry skills, first through renovating my home and then through a series of woodworking courses and my own research. My interests now are in combining locally sourced wood with light, to create unique special effects – an interplay of wood, light and shadows – while also bringing the wood alive. To me, it’s almost like in a fairy tale.

The individual pieces each have a story to tell. Each one is sourced from local suppliers or, when I’m lucky, found on local beaches before being carefully dried. The wood I use includes oak, beech, elm, cherry and pine.

All my pieces are handcrafted through a combination of design and intuition. I always seek to preserve the original natural shape of the wood I use and enhance its beauty using natural oils and waxes.

When not cycling or being distracted by my ginger tabby Enzo, I work on my designs, my next new creation and bespoke commissions.