Welcome to Wisp & Willows. Founded in 2021, in Aberdeen, my small business specialises in creating handcrafted lamps and illuminated handrails from locally sourced wood. I also make small and functional, but beautiful, home furniture.

All my products are handmade, by me, in here in Scotland. Any additional parts that go into Wisp and Willows creations are sourced from the UK. All electrical parts come certified to ensure regulatory compliance and are CE marked accordingly.

If you would like a Wisp & Willows creation, I can deliver it in person within Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire. For the rest of the UK and Europe, I use DPD for shipping. Please note that, due to Brexit, international shipments can take up to two weeks. Shipping costs and dates will be provided.

Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in a Wisp & Willows creations or would like a bespoke creation made for you.

-Wouter Piessens-